Thursday 18 July '24י"ב תמוז תשפ"ד

Kehillas Toras Chaim (formerly The New Hendon Beis Hamedrash) was formed in 2004 as a dynamic new centre of Torah and Tefillah.

With a strong emphasis on Tefillah, and growth in Torah, the Shul offers daily minyanim, a range of shiurim for both men and women and other social events for the entire community.  All Tefillos and Shiurim take place in Beis Hamedrash Tiferes Yissachar, named in memory of Salek Orenstein z”l.

The Shul has become increasingly popular in Hendon, London, and now boasts a membership of over 100 families and continues to grow. 

The Shul is proud of the wide age range of attendees, with great grandparents, newborns and everything in between. The Shul has three popular childrens’ services on a Shabbos morning, as well as a youth minyan and various youth activities during the week, including: Avos uBonim, Mishna Munch and a chabura.

The Shul offers various shiurim, including Daf Yomi, Morning Chabura, Dirshu Mishna Berura Yomi, Time4Mishna, Parsha Shiurim and ad hoc learning events including bank holiday learning programmes.

Our Ladies Committee runs various social and educational events for the Ladies throughout the year.

Social events for all the community include our annual Simchas Torah Lunch with over 40 families attending and our annual Chanukah Party with a wide range of events and entertainment for children of all ages. 

We pride ourselves on being a warm and welcoming community and aim to provide this within a vibrant Torah setting.


Board of Management

Chairman –  Dov Phillips

Honorary Secretary – Michael Peters

Events – Avi Meghnagi

Shiurim & Education – Jonny Newman

Welcoming & Welfare – Ben Finger, Andrew Davis

Youth – Benjy Dolties


Jonny Dryer